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Title: Resource dependency in complex networks
Authors: Shekatkar, Snehal
Dept. of Physics
Keywords: Complex networks
resource dependence
Issue Date: Dec-2023
Citation: 54
Abstract: This thesis delves into the intricate domain of complex networks, specifically emphasising dependency networks where edges signify diverse forms of vertex interdependencies. The exchange of resources within these systems is pivotal to their functionality. The central objective of this investigation is to scrutinize the influence of heterogeneity in production capacities across network vertices and the network structure on network performance. A surplus resource distribution model is employed to study this impact, with simulations on networks characterized by homogeneous and heterogeneous degree distributions. The study aims to enhance our understanding of complex networks and provide insights into the interplay of heterogeneity and degree correlation on network performance evaluated by fitness. The thesis’ exploration of resource exchange dynamics within complex networks provides a broader perspective on the ramifications of resource sharing and its capacity to instigate social transformations and enhance resource allocation.
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