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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2009Forbush decreases and turbulence levels at coronal mass ejection frontsSUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Antia, H.M.; Dugad, S. R.; Goswami, U.D.; Gupta, S. K.; Hayashi, Y.; Ito, N.; Kawakami, S.; Kojima, H.; Mohanty, P.K.; Nayak, P.K.; Nonaka, T.; Oshima, A.; Sivaprasad, K.; Tanaka, H.; Tonwar, S.C.; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2009Driving currents for fluxrope coronal mass ejectionSUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Vourlidas, Angelos; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2009Refinement of defection strategies stabilizes cooperationDAHANUKAR, NEELESH; WATVE, MILIND; Dept. of Biology
Jul-2009Group Selection and Reciprocity among KinDAHANUKAR, NEELESH; WATVE, MILIND; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2009Mode-specific photoionization dynamics of a simple asymmetric target: OCSDAS, ALOKE; Poliakoff, E. D.; Lucchese, R. R.; Bozek, John D.; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2009Multiscale Modeling of Electrical and Intracellular Activity in the Pancreas: The Islet Tridomain EquationsGOEL, PRANAY; Sherman, Arthur; Friedman, Avner; Dept. of Biology
Aug-2009A possible tradeoff between developmental rate and pathogen resistance in Drosophila melanogasterModak, Shampa Ghosh; Satish, K. M.; Mohan, J.; DEY, SUTIRTH; Raghavendra, N.; Shakarad, Mallikarjun; Joshi, Amitabh; Dept. of Biology
Apr-2009MINIMAL DEGREE SEQUENCE FOR TORUS KNOTS OF TYPE (p, q)Madeti, Prabhakar; MISHRA, RAMA; Dept. of Mathematics
Oct-2008Template-free ZnS nanorod synthesis by microwave irradiationLimaye, Mukta V.; Gokhale, Shubha; Acharya, S. A.; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Physics
2008On operators close to isometriesCHAVAN, SAMEER; Dept. of Mathematics