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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2016The influence of social cues on oviposition decisions in the mosquito Aedes aegyptiIsvaran, Kavita; RAMESH, ASHWINI; Dept. of Biology; 20111022
2016Silene, Silaimine, and Siletane DerivativesKHAN, SHABANA; Roesky, H.W.; Dept. of Chemistry
2016Synthesis of a Zwitterionic 2,4-Disila-1,3-diphosphacyclobutadiene CompoundKHAN, SHABANA; Roesky, H.W.; Roesky, Herbert W.; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2016Interval Analysis For Computational ChemistryJansen, A.P.J; KRISHNA, AKSHAY; Dept. of Chemistry; 20111030
May-2016Quantum Field Theory In Curved SpacetimesJatkar, Dileep P.; RAO, NIHAL; Dept. of Physics; 20111067
Jan-2016Development of l‑Tyrosine-Based Enzyme-Responsive Amphiphilic Poly(ester-urethane) Nanocarriers for Multiple Drug Delivery to Cancer CellsALURI, RAJENDRA; JAYAKANNAN, MANICKAM; Dept. of Chemistry
2016An overview of the vākya method of computing the longitudes of the sun and moonPAI, VENKETESWARA R.; Ramasubramanian, K.; Sriram, M.S.; Srinivas, M.D.; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
May-2016Baffling behavior in the tree cricket Oecanthus henryi : how is leaf area measured?Balakrishnan, Rohini; BARUA, DEEPAK; KUMAR, HARSHA; Dept. of Biology; 20111063
May-2016Behavioral Correlates of Theta and Delta oscillations in the Hippocampal FormationASSISI, COLLINS; K N, VISHNU; Dept. of Biology; 20111010
Oct-2016Biological Activity of Coumarin Derivatives as Anti-Leishmanial AgentsMandlik, Vineetha; PATIL, SOHAN; Bopanna, Ramanamurthy; BASU, SUDIPTA; Singh, Shailza; Dept. of Chemistry