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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2020The production of isolated photons in PbPb and pp collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeVCMS Collaboration; Sirunyan, A. M.; DUBE, SOURABH; KANSAL, B.; KAPOOR, A.; KOTHEKAR, K.; PANDEY, S.; RANE, A.; RASTOGI, A.; SHARMA, SEEMA et al.; Dept. of Physics
Nov-2020Thin film metal-organic diodes with high electrical rectification ratioBALLAV, NIRMALYA; PRASOON, ANUPAM
Jul-2020Structural Design and Synthesis of Bimodal PNA That Simultaneously Binds Two Complementary DNAs To Form Fused Double DuplexesGUPTA, MANOJ KUMAR; Madhanagopal, Bharath Raj; DATTA, DHRUBAJYOTI; GANESH, KRISHNA N.; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2020Modulating flow near substrate surface to grow clean and large-area monolayer MoS2GOKUL, M. A.; NARAYANAN, VRINDA; RAHMAN, ATIKUR; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2020Many-body effects on second-order phase transitions in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates and breathing dynamicsMITTAL, K. M.; Mistakidis, S., I.; Kevrekidis, P. G.; Schmelcher, P.; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2020N-Heterocyclic silylene/germylene ligands in Au(i) catalysisPARVIN, NASRINA; MISHRA, BIJOYANANDA; George, Anjana; NERALKAR, MAHESH; HOSSAIN, JABED; Parameswaran, Pattiyil; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; KHAN, SHABANA; Dept. of Chemistry
Apr-2020Self-exfoliated triazole-triformyl phloroglucinol based covalent organic nanosheets for high and reversible lithium ion storageHALDER, SATTWICK; ROY, KINGSHUK; NANDI, SHYAMAPADA; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN
Jun-2020Method for Synthesis of Protein AmphiphilesBRITTO, SANDANARAJ S.; REDDY, MULLAPUDI MOHAN
Dec-2020Emergence of ribozyme and tRNA-like structures from mineral-rich muddy pools on prebiotic earthRoy, Suvam; BAPAT, NIRAJA V.; Derr, Julien; RAJAMANI, SUDHA; Sengupta, Supratim; Dept. of Biology
Jul-2020Correlation of Dielectric Confinement and Excitonic Binding Energy in 2D Layered Hybrid Perovskites Using Temperature Dependent PhotoluminescenceCHAKRABORTY, RAYAN; NAG, ANGSHUMAN; Dept. of Chemistry