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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2016OFET based explosive sensors using diketopyrrolopyrrole and metal organic framework composite active channel materialSurya, Sandeep G.; Nagarkar, Sanjog S.; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Sonar, Prashant; Rao, V. Ramgopal; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2015Neutral N-donor ligand based flexible metal-organic frameworksManna, Biplab; DESAI, AAMOD V.; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2016Ionic metal-organic frameworks (iMOFs): Design principles and applicationsKarmakar, Avishek; DESAI, AAMOD V.; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2016A Post‐Synthetically Modified MOF for Selective and Sensitive Aqueous‐Phase Detection of Highly Toxic Cyanide IonsKARMAKAR, AVISHEK; Kumar, Naveen; SAMANTA, PARTHA; DESAI, AAMOD V.; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Nov-2016Influence of Tuned Linker Functionality on Modulation of Magnetic Properties and Relaxation Dynamics in a Family of Six Isotypic Ln2 (Ln = Dy and Gd) ComplexesMukherjee, Soumya; Lu, Jingjing; Velmurugan, Gunasekaran; Singh, Shweta; Rajaraman, Gopalan; Tang, Jinkui; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2016Harnessing Lewis acidic open metal sites of metal organic frameworks: the foremost route to achieve highly selective benzene sorption over cyclohexaneMukherjee, Soumya; Manna, Biplab; DESAI, AAMOD V.; Yin, Yuefeng; Krishna, Rajamani; Babarao, Ravichandar; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Aug-2016A Bifunctional Metal–Organic Framework: Striking CO2‐Selective Sorption Features along with Guest‐Induced Tuning of LuminescenceMukherjee, Soumya; DESAI, AAMOD V.; More, Yogeshwar D.; Inamdar, Arif I.; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Mar-2016Bimodal Functionality in a Porous Covalent Triazine Framework by Rational Integration of an Electron‐Rich and ‐Deficient Pore SurfaceKarmakar, Avishek; Kumar, Amrit; Chaudhari, Abhijeet K.; SAMANTA, PARTHA; DESAI, AAMOD V.; Krishna, Rajamani; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Sep-2016Hydroxy-functionalized hyper-cross-linked ultra-microporous organic polymers for selective CO2 capture at room temperatureSAMANTA, PARTHA; CHANDRA, PRIYANSHU; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Aug-2016Increase in Electrical Conductivity of MOF to Billion-Fold upon Filling the Nanochannels with Conducting PolymerDHARA, BARUN; Nagarkar, Sanjog S.; Kumar, Jitender; Kumar, Vikash; JHA, PLAWAN KUMAR; GHOSH, SUJIT K.; NAIR, SUNIL; BALLAV, NIRMALYA; Dept. of Chemistry