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  • P, SRAVYA (2019-04)
    Fluctuation relations have been one of the recent discoveries that have helped us take a step in understanding how thermodynamics can be applied to small systems in the quantum regime. In this study, we investigate the ...
  • VALECHA, BHAVESH (2021-06)
    The tremendous advances in technology achieved over the past few decades have made possible engineering thermoelectric devices at astonishingly small scales, scales at which we can no longer neglect the inherent fluctuations. ...
  • GHOSH, BISHAL KUMAR (2023-05)
    This thesis aims to study quantum transport and quantum dynamics properties in one dimensional quasi-periodic lattice systems. In particular we aim here to understand the impact of external probes on both the steady state ...
  • DHAWAN, ABHINAV (2024-05)
    This thesis aims to study quantum transport in one-dimensional and quasi one-dimensional lattice systems. The first part deals with non-interacting fermions showing long-range power-law decaying hopping on an open ...

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