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  • PARIKH, SARTHAK (2012-05)
    In this thesis we focus on supersymmetric quantum field theories. In particular we study the maximally supersymmetric N=4 super Yang-Mills theory in light-cone superspace. We present two applications of light-cone superspace ...
  • Y S, AKSHAY (2015-04)
    We outline an approach which is purely based on symmetry considerations, for the construction of interaction vertices involving arbitrary spin fields. We review existing literature in which this approach is used to construct ...
  • SHAH, NABHA (2018-05)
    An ultraviolet finite theory of quantum gravity has been elusive. Gravity coupled to higher spin fields, described by the Vasiliev model, is one candidate for a finite theory of gravity but it has no known action principle. ...
  • PANDEY, CHETAN (2022-05)
    In this thesis, we examine supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories from a non-standard perspective, namely from that of a Nicolai map, a non-linear transformation of the bosonic fields that maps the full interacting theory to ...

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