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  • GUPTA, SOMIL (2014-06)
    With an aim of building next generation ssion nuclear reactors with better reliability and e ciency, scienti c community has shortlisted candidate struc- tural materials which shall be tested exhaustively before they ...
  • PANNU, DANISH KAUR (2019-04)
    Perovskite solar cells have gained a great deal of attention in the energy research community, both in academia and industry. They are considered as promising candidates for replacing existing commercial solar cells, given ...
    Here we explore the electronic structure of Monolayer Sn/Si(111) √3 ×√3 which is thought to be a correlated 2D Mott insulator. Previous theoretical considerations have indicated that the system might display a row-wise ...
  • MANIAR, ROHAN (2022-05)
    Lower dimensional magnetism has gained a great deal of attention in the growing field of spintronics. This is due to the low energy costs of manipulating the spin degree of freedom and heightened sensitivity to external ...

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