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  • AKSHAY, KHADSE (2016-05)
    In this thesis we study the relationship between Asymptotic symmetry group of (Asymptotically flat) space-times at Null and Spatial Infinity. We first review the basic framework concerning Null and Spatial Infinity and ...
  • BADHANI, HIMANSHU (2016-05)
    In this thesis we analyze interacting massive scalar fields in de-Sitter space, specifically the issue of infrared divergences which cause the conventional in-out perturbation theory inapplicable. We then review the use ...
  • DAS, RAIKHIK (2023-05)
    Recent developments in soft theorems and the rise of Celestial Holography have rejuvenated the interest in the asymptotic structure of spacetimes. Bondi, van der Burg, Metzner, and Sachs's work and Ashtekar's notion of ...
  • AGGARWAL, AVIRAL (2023-05)
    We study KMOC formalism developed to calculate classical observables from amplitudes in Quantum Field Theory. Amplitudes and S-matrix carry the information of interaction of any scattering process and thus the classically ...

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