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  • SAHANI, ABHINAV (2016-05)
    The key objective of this yearlong project was to learn serveral concepts in commuta- tive algebra and algebraic geometry. We started with learning concepts in commuta- tive algebra, which included primary decomposition, ...
  • SIDHARTH, S. (2017-04)
    This thesis is the product of an introductory graduate level study of algebraic geometric objects called toric varieties with devoloping necessary background in algebraic varieties, category theory, scheme theory and cohomology.
  • KUMAR, SUDHIR (2018-05)
    Many topological spaces exist as the total spaces of real vector bundles over some base spaces. Topological properties like Hausdorffness, connectedness, the first axiom of countability, path connectedness, local connectedness ...
  • GUPTA, ABHISHEK (2018-10)
    Intersection theory in Algebraic Geometry : Here I started by understanding some basic notations in algebraic geometry such as varieties, morphism between varieties and its some properties. Along this way, we studied about ...
  • V, VYSHNAV (2020-12)
    This thesis is divided into two parts, the first part is devoted to learning basic algebraic geometry and the second part is devoted to learning Cohomology and applying it to the settings of algebraic geometry.
  • OUSEPH, CHRISIL (2022-05)
    This thesis aims to serve as an excursion into the theories of homology, cohomology and characteristic classes, conventional tools used to study topological spaces and vector bundles with origins in Algebraic Topology. ...

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