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    In this thesis we give an exposition of various known techniques of constructing p- adic L-functions in different cases. The key idea behind this is constructing a non- archimedean measure and then performing a p-adic ...
  • P., SHIVA CHIDAMBARAM (2015-05)
    Let $F$ be a number field. Let $G=GL(2)$ over $F$. Let $\mathbb{A}$ and $\mathbb{A}_f$ denote the ring of adeles and finite adeles of $F$ respectively. Let $K_{\infty}$ denote the maximal compact subgroup of $G_{\infty}= ...
  • BERA, PAPIA (2017-04)
    This project aims to write down the Plancherel formula for GL(2; F) where F is a p-adic eld. The Plancherel formula for SL(2; F) and PGL(2; F) are known, and we also have a general form of the formula for a real reductive ...

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