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  • BHATKAR, SAYALI ATUL (Dept. of Physics, 2021-03)
    In the thesis, we study new asymptotic conservation laws in electromagnetism that could reproduce the loop effects in the soft expansion of QED amplitudes. We also explore interesting properties of asymptotic expansions ...
  • BHATTACHARJEE, ARINDAM (Dept. of Physics, 2021-09)
    In this thesis we use the asymptotic symmetries of 3D (super)gravity theories to explore the dual theories. Using the Chern-Simons formulation of (2+1)D gravity we have constructed a two dimensional theory dual to 3D ...
  • MEHTA, ABHISHEK (2023-05)
    Strongly-coupled Quantum Field Theories (QFT) do not admit a perturbative expansion in the coupling and a Lagrangian formulation is not suitable for such theories. This forces us to rely on non-perturbative techniques like ...

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