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  • MAITY, SOUMEN; AKHTAR, YASMEEN; CHANDRASEKHARAN, RESHMA C.; Colbourn, Charles J. (Springer Nature, 2018-01)
    A covering array t-CA(n, k, g), of size n, strength t, degree k, and order g, is a 𝑘×𝑛 array on g symbols such that every 𝑡×𝑛 sub-array contains every 𝑡×1 column on g symbols at least once. Covering arrays have been ...
  • MAITY, SOUMEN; Colbourn, Charles J. (World Scientific, 2022-01)
    Covering arrays are combinatorial objects that have been successfully applied in design of test suites for testing systems such as software, hardware, and networks where failures can be caused by the interaction between ...

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