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  • GUPTA, KRITI; JHA, PLAWAN KUMAR; Dadwal, Arun; Debnath, Anil K.; JAISWAL, ISHAN; RANA, SHAMMI; Joy, Pattayil A.; BALLAV, NIRMALYA (American Chemical Society, 2019-05)
    An elegant platform to explore frustrated magnetism is the kagome spin lattice. In this work, clinoatacamite, a naturally occurring S = 1/2 kagome-like antiferromagnetic insulator, is synthesized in water at ambient pressure ...
  • GUPTA, KRITI; Dadwal, Arun; JHA, PLAWAN KUMAR; Jain, Anil; Yusuf, S. M.; Joy, Pattayil A.; BALLAV, NIRMALYA (American Chemical Society, 2020-04)
    Study on magnetism in two-dimensional (2D) spin–lattices is advancing rapidly. In this work, phase-pure botallackite (Bo) (Cu2(OH)3Br), a quasi-2D S = 1/2 anisotropic triangular spin–lattice is stabilized over 2D reduced ...
  • GUPTA, KRITI; Dadwal, Arun; NINAWE, PRANAY; Joy, Pattayil A; BALLAV, NIRMALYA (American Chemical Society, 2020-09)
    S = 1/2 kagome-lattice hydroxychlorides are promising candidates for realizing the elusive quantum spin liquid (QSL) state. Herbertsmithite [Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2], a naturally occurring hydroxychloride mineral from the class of ...
  • GUPTA, KRITI; NINAWE, PRANAY; Jain, Anil; Dadwal, Arun; Anas, M.; Malik, V. K.; Yusuf, S. M.; Joy, Pattayil A.; BALLAV, NIRMALYA (American Physical Society, 2021-09)
    Doping of quantum spin liquid (QSL) insulators by electron or hole leads to intriguing phase transitions to metallic and superconducting states. The barlowite family with geometrically perfect S=1/2 kagome planes and tunable ...

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