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  • Wackerlin, Christian; Tarafder, Kartick; Girovsky, Jan; Nowakowski, Jan; Hahlen, Tatjana; Shchyrba, Aneliia; Siewert, Dorota; Kleibert, Armin; Nolting, Frithjof; Oppeneer, Peter M.; Jung, Thomas A.; BALLAV, NIRMALYA (Wiley, 2013-04)
    The molecular spin state of NiII porphyrin, supported on a ferromagnetic Co surface, can be reversibly switched between spin‐off (S=0) and spin‐on (S=1) states upon coordination and decoordination of the gaseous ligand ...
  • Wackerlin, Christian; Maldonado, Pabl; Arnold, Lena; Shchyrba, Aneliia; Girovsky, Jan; Nowakowski, Jan; Ali, Md. Ehesan; Hahlen, Tatjana; Baljozovic, Milos; Siewert, Dorota; Kleibert,; Klaus Mullen; Oppeneer, Peter M.; Jung, Thomas A.; BALLAV, NIRMALYA (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013-09)
    On-surface assembly of a spin-bearing and non-aromatic porphyrin-related synthetic Co(II)-complex on a ferromagnetic Ni thin film substrate and subsequent magnetic exchange interaction across the interface were studied by ...
  • Girovsky, Jan; Tarafder, Kartick; Wackerlin, Christian; Nowakowski, Jan; Siewert, Dorota; Hahlen, Tatjana; Wckerlin, Aneliia; Kleibert, Armin; BALLAV, NIRMALYA; Jung, Thomas A.; Oppeneer, Peter M. (American Physical Society, 2014-12)
    We report the discovery of an antiferromagnetic coupling of the magnetic moment of chromium(II) tetraphenyl-porphyrin (CrTPP) molecules to the magnetization of the clean ferromagnetic Co(001) substrate. We assign this ...

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