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  • KAIPA, KRISHNA (IEEE, 2014-11)
    We obtain an asymptotic formula in q, as well as new upper and lower bounds, for the number of MDS codes of length n and dimension k over a finite field with q elements.
  • Cardinali, Ilaria; Giuzzi, Luca; KAIPA, KRISHNA; Pasinia, Antonio (Elsevier B.V., 2016-05)
    Polar Grassmann codes of orthogonal type have been introduced in [1]. They are punctured versions of the Grassmann code arising from the projective system defined by the Plücker embedding of a polar Grassmannian of orthogonal ...
  • KAIPA, KRISHNA (IEEE, 2017-08)
    We study the problem of classifying deep holes of Reed-Solomon codes. We show that this problem is equivalent to the problem of classifying maximum distance separable (MDS) extensions of Reed-Solomon codes by one digit. ...
  • Beelen, Peter; Glynn, David; Hoholdt, Tom; KAIPA, KRISHNA (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2017-11)
    In this article we count the number of [n,k][n,k] generalized Reed-Solomon (GRS) codes, including the codes coming from a non-degenerate conic plus nucleus. We compare our results with known formulae for the number of ...
  • KAIPA, KRISHNA (IEEE, 2018-07)
    For non-binary codes the Elias bound is a good upper bound for the asymptotic information rate at low-relative minimum distance, whereas the Plotkin bound is better at high-relative minimum distance. In this paper, we ...
  • Zhang, Jun; Wan, Daqing; KAIPA, KRISHNA (IEEE, 2020-04)
    Projective Reed-Solomon (PRS) codes are Reed-Solomon codes of the maximum possible length $q+1$ . The classification of deep holes –received words with maximum possible error distance– for PRS codes is an important and ...

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