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  • Glennon, Noah; Nadler, Ethan O.; Musoke, Nathan; BANERJEE, ARKA; Prescod-Weinstein, Chanda; Wechsler, Risa H. (American Physical Society, 2022-06)
    Ultralight axions (ULAs) are promising dark matter candidates that can have a distinct impact on the formation and evolution of structure on nonlinear scales relative to the cold, collisionless dark matter (CDM) paradigm. ...
  • Bhattacharyya, Souradip; ADHIKARI, SUSMITA; BANERJEE, ARKA; More, Surhud; Kumar, Amit; Nadler, Ethan O.; Chatterjee, Suchetana (IOP Publishing, 2022-06)
    The abundance, distribution, and inner structure of satellites of galaxy clusters can be sensitive probes of the properties of dark matter. We run 30 cosmological zoom-in simulations with self-interacting dark matter (SIDM), ...
  • Nadler, Ethan O.; BANERJEE, ARKA et al.; ADHIKARI, SUSMITA (IOP Publishing, 2023-03)
    We present Symphony, a compilation of 262 cosmological, cold-dark-matter-only zoom-in simulations spanning four decades of host halo mass, from 1011–1015 M⊙. This compilation includes three existing simulation suites at ...
  • BANERJEE, ARKA; Das, Subinoy; Maharana, Anshuman; Nadler, Ethan O.; Sharma, Ravi Kumar (American Physical Society, 2023-08)
    We present small-scale structure constraints on sterile dark matter produced from a heavy mediator particle, inspired by models of moduli decay. Dark matter particles produced through this mechanism can contribute to the ...

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