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  • Chowdhury, Suman; Baidya, Santu; Nafday, Dhani; Halder, Soumyajyoti; KABIR, MUKUL; Sanyal, Biplab; Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri; Jana, Debnarayan; Mookerjee, Abhijit (Elsevier B.V., 2014-07)
    We propose here a first-principles, parameter free, real space method for the study of disordered extended defects in solids. We shall illustrate the power of the technique with an application to graphene sheets with ...
  • Nafday, Dhani; KABIR, MUKUL; Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri (American Physical Society, 2016-01)
    Employing first-principles calculations, we study the effect of an external electric field on the magnetic properties of a single Fe adatom and a Fe dimer hosted on a bilayer graphene surface grown on a SiO2 substrate. We ...
  • Paul, Pallabi; Chakraborty, Poulami; DAS, TILAK; Nafday, Dhani; Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri (American Physical Society, 2017-07)
    Employing ab initio calculations, we characterize the interfaces formed between graphene, a much discussed two-dimensional material, and MXene, another two-dimensional material of recent interest. Our study considering the ...

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