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  • Garcia, Rafael; Salazar, Edgar; Rozo, Eduardo; ADHIKARI, SUSMITA; Aung, Han; Diemer, Benedikt; Nagai, Daisuke; Wolfe, Brandon (Oxford University Press, 2023-05)
    Dark matter haloes have long been recognized as one of the fundamental building blocks of large-scale structure formation models. Despite their importance – or perhaps because of it! – halo definitions continue to evolve ...
  • Aung, Han; Nagai, Daisuke; Rozo, Eduardo; Wolfe, Brandon; ADHIKARI, SUSMITA (Oxford University Press, 2023-05)
    We present a per cent-level accurate model of the line-of-sight velocity distribution of galaxies around dark matter haloes as a function of projected radius and halo mass. The model is developed and tested using synthetic ...

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