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  • Sachdeva, Nishtha; SUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Colaninno, Robin; Vourlidas, Angelos (IOP Publishing, 2015-08)
    We investigate the Sun–Earth dynamics of a set of eight well observed solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) using data from the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory spacecraft. We seek to quantify the extent to which ...
  • Sachdeva, Nishtha; SUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Vourlidas, Angelos; Bothmer, Volker (Springer Nature, 2017-09)
    We seek to quantify the relative contributions of Lorentz forces and aerodynamic drag on the propagation of solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs). We use Graduated Cylindrical Shell (GCS) model fits to a representative set ...
  • SHENDE, MAYUR B.; SUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Sachdeva, Nishtha (IOP Publishing, 2019-06)
    Several active galactic nuclei and microquasars are observed to eject plasmoids that move at relativistic speeds. We envisage the plasmoids as pre-existing current carrying magnetic flux ropes that were initially anchored ...
  • BHATTACHARJEE, DEBESH; SUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Vourlidas, Angelos; Nieves-Chinchilla, Teresa; Thejaswi, Niranjana; Sachdeva, Nishtha (EDP Sciences, 2023-01)
    Context. The pressure and energy density of the gas and magnetic field inside solar coronal mass ejections (in relation to that in the ambient solar wind) is thought to play an important role in determining their dynamics ...

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