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  • Galby, Esther; Khazaliya, Liana; Inerney, Fionn Mc; Sharma, Roohani; TALE, PRAFULLKUMAR (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2023)
    For a graph G , a subset S⊆V(G) is called a resolving set if for any two vertices u, v∈ V (G) , there exists a vertex w ∈ S such that d(w,u)≠d(w,v) . The METRIC DIMENSION problem takes as input a graph G and a positive ...
  • Krithika, R.; Misra , Pranabendu; TALE, PRAFULLKUMAR (Elsevier B.V., 2023-04)
    For a collection F of graphs, the F-CONTRACTION problem takes a graph G and an integer k as input and decides if G can be modified to some graph in F using at most k edge contractions. The F-CONTRACTION problem is NP-Complete ...
  • Lima, Paloma T.; Santos, Vinicius F. dos; Sau, Ignasi; Souza, Uéverton S.; TALE, PRAFULLKUMAR (Elsevier B.V., 2023-09)
    Given a graph G on n vertices and two integers k and d, the Contraction(vc) problem asks whether one can contract at most k edges to reduce the vertex cover number of G by at least d. Recently, Lima et al. [JCSS 2021] ...
  • Galby, Esther; Marx, Daniel; Schepper, Philipp; Sharma, Roohani; TALE, PRAFULLKUMAR (Elsevier B.V., 2023-11)
    In the Multicut problem, given an undirected graph G, a set of pairs of vertices P, and a budget k, the goal is to determine if there is a set S of at most k edges such that for each (s, t) is an element of P, the graph G ...

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