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  • MIR, WASIM J.; SHEIKH, TARIQ; ARFIN, HABIBUL; Xia, Zhiguo; NAG, ANGSHUMAN (Springer Nature, 2020-01)
    Lanthanides have been widely explored as optically active dopants in inorganic crystal lattices, which are often insulating in nature. Doping trivalent lanthanide (Ln3+) into traditional semiconductor nanocrystals, such ...
  • ARFIN, HABIBUL; KSHIRSAGAR, ANURAJ S.; Kaur, Jagjit; MONDAL, BARNALI; Xia, Zhiguo; Chakraborty, Sudip; NAG, ANGSHUMAN (American Chemical Society, 2020-12)
    Bi3+ and Sb3+ doping (and codoping with lanthanides) in Cs2SnCl6 vacancy ordered perovskites and Cs2MInCl6 (M = Na, K, Ag) double perovskites has been shown to open up new opportunities for solid state lighting. Bi3+ and ...
  • Su, Binbin; Zhou, Guojun; Huang, Jinglong; Song, Enhai; NAG, ANGSHUMAN; Xia, Zhiguo (Wiley, 2021-01)
    Doping impurity ions into semiconductor luminescent materials offers a unique pathway for inducing new emission centers and enabling photoluminescence (PL) tuning. Among various luminescence materials, doping Mn2+ into ...
  • Liu, Ying; NAG, ANGSHUMAN; Manna, Liberato; Xia, Zhiguo (Wiley, 2021-05)
    Lead‐free halide perovskites have drawn wide attention as alternatives to their toxic and poorly stable lead‐based counterparts. Among them, double perovskites with Cs2AgInCl6 composition, often doped with various elements, ...

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